You can maintain its natural position without subjecting any portion to excessive or inadequate pressure, it is also true that the network contributes to the final result and it is true that a good mattress with a wrong net vanishes the effect of its positive properties, and in fact, the softer a mattress is, the more sophisticated the network structure must be (with more staves and made of more robust alloys).

Depending on the degree of lift possessed, the mattresses can be roughly classified into rigid, medium rigid and soft. Stronger people are advised to have a rigid flow rate (which becomes mandatory when the weight exceeds 100 kg), to people in normal weight and with slight joint, cervical or muscular problems can also be recommended a medium weight while those who do not have any kind of Postural problems are certainly also suitable for a soft range.

Mattress with differentiated zones

Mattresses with differentiated zones have different degrees of stiffness depending on the area of ​​the body that will be located: in areas of greater or lesser pressure due to the distribution of body weight that is not uniform, the mattress is resistant enough to guarantee an Accompaniment of the correct and very comfortable spine. Labor Day mattress sale is the right place to buy a mattress online.

The number of zones can vary and the more the figure becomes high, the more sophisticated and precise the way the mattress will support the body (obviously also involving a higher final price). This kind of product is particularly indicated for those with muscular or cervical problems or for example back pain (it is in fact often defined “orthopedic mattress “) and, even if those who sleep there do not feel the presence of these differentiated areas, the benefits are real, guaranteed by doctors and consist of improvements for blood circulation, joint pain and muscle contractions.

The materials are all in a mattress! As we have previously analyzed in the paragraphs dedicated to some decisive factors in the choice of the mattress, the internal composition, the lining and the sternum and the hardness of the product itself are conditioned by the materials used to make them.