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Newsletters & Events

At Dunwoody Homecare, we offer our clients the individualized care and attention they deserve. This includes providing information that’s pertinent to their everyday lives—including events, medical tips, and even healthy recipes!

Sign up to receive our quarterly publication Health at Home or simply view a copy of it here. And if you have something you’d like to see included in a future issue, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Fall 2015

  • Walk to End Alzheimer’s Comes to Philadelphia
  • Drive Safely this Fall: Safety Tips for Seniors
  • Fall Recipes: Hearty Sirloin Chili, Pumpkin Spice French Toast
  • A Conversation About Dementia with Author Jonathan Kozol
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Summer 2015

  • Planning for Respite Care
  • Cell Phones for the Elderly: Things to Consider
  • Book Review: Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal
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Spring 2015

  • Conversations About Alzheimer’s with Your Doctor
  • Start A Garden This Spring!
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
  • Mediterranean Diet May Ward Off Heart Attack and Stroke
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Winter 2015

  • Little Known Winter Dangers for Seniors
  • Inspiration for a Healthy New Year
  • Winter Craft Idea for the Grandkids!
  • Caregiver Tips for the Holidays
  • Retirees Turn to Virtual Villages for Mutual Support
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Fall 2014

  • The Six Minute Screening That Could Save Your Life
  • How a Geriatrician Can Help You Stay Fit This Fall!
  • Fresh Fall Recipes: Savory Baked Apple, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
  • Lessons We Can Learn From Alzheimer’s Care
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Summer 2014

  • Summer Safety Tips for Seniors Living at Home
  • Summer Vacation: Traveling with a person who has Alzheimer's
  • Fall Proofing Your Home
  • Caring for Aging Parents, Even From a Distance
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Spring 2014

  • Assessing an Aging Parents Need for Care?
  • Save the Date!
  • Spring Allergies: Diagnoses and Prevention
  • Caring for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver
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Winter 2014

  • Planning for Long-Term Care
  • A Healthy Heart is a Great Start
  • Holiday Recipes: Pistachio Biscotti & Samoa Tartlets
  • When the Grandchildren Grow Older, and Closer
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Fall 2013

  • National Aging in Place Week
  • Protect Yourself & Your Family
  • Fresh Fall Recipes: Pumpkin Pie Pudding, Bacon & Butternut Pasta
  • The Power of Sleep
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Summer 2013

  • Is it Time to Consider Elder Care for Your Aging Parent or Loved One?
  • Here Comes the Sun! Top Rated Sunscreens
  • Books to Teach Children About Alzheimer’s
  • Delaware County Veterans Memorial / Community Outreach
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Spring 2013

  • Brain Food! Top Foods for Brain Health
  • Successfully Aging
  • Delaware County Veterans Memorial
  • Childless and Aging? Time to Designate a Caregiver
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Winter 2013

  • Volunteer for Your Health!
  • Choosing a Homecare Agency
  • Home Care Services
  • How to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance
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