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Is Your Family In Need of Home Care?

Deciding if homecare is the right move can be extremely difficult. It’s important to be aware of any obvious signs, symptoms and behavioral patterns that indicate that an elderly loved one might need assistance.

Activities of Daily Living

  • Simple everyday tasks, such as dressing, eating, preparing meals, and medication management seem to be more difficult now.

Personal Hygiene

  • Individual finds it tiresome to shower or showers less often.
  • Individual wears the same clothes repeatedly or the clothes appear unclean.
  • Individual’s oral hygiene is declining.

Household Chores and Responsibilities

  • Newspapers, magazines and papers are piling up.
  • Mail is unopened, bills are unpaid, and laundry is left unwashed.
  • Food is expired and dishes are unclean.
  • Prescriptions are unfilled.
  • Answering machine is unchecked and phone calls are not being returned.
  • House is disorganized.

Cognitive and/or Behavioral Change

  • Individual is less sociable and/or lacks interest in activities or maintaining friendships.
  • Individual displays signs of sadness, paranoia, or is easily upset.
  • Individual is increasingly forgetful or unable to locate objects.
  • Individual has difficulty answering questions, repeats ideas, and/or cannot express or complete a thought.
  • Individual lacks a sense of time, reasoning skills, or the ability to follow direction.

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